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audit proof security for your products


audit proof security for your products

The OSS 'document & approval center' (oss-dac) gives you a clear overview of your processes. New prducts can be established quickly and the entire process is ducumented according to regulations.


By the high felxibility of the application it is possible to display all your processes together with all the data required. The selective product overview gives your traders the information concerning the tradability of the selected poduct.The ever growing complexity of regulations concerning tradable financial products by German BaFin requirement MaRisk AT8 ('Aktivitäten in neuen Produkten oder auf neuen Märkten'), as well as internal regualtions generate a risk not easy to manage.


This is where OSS' 'document & approval center' sets in. Not only does it give you the tools to properly display your processes, it also assists you to launch your products to the market almost immediately. Furthermore the entire process is documented according to regulations, internal ones as well as externals. Due to oss-dac's high amount of felxibility all of your processes can be displayed and all the relevant data can be obtained using but a single tool.


The selective product overview gives your traders the information concerning the tradability of the selected poduct.



oss-dac â?? the document and approval center â?? developed especially to meet the requirements of the new-product-process, as well as the new-market-process for tradable financial products



  • oss-dac meets the requirements of German BaFin MaRisk AT8. 
  • oss-dac is modular, easy to handle and expandable.
  • general product-approvals and single-trade-approvals with complete documenatation.
  • automated involvement of all necessary competence lines.
  • audit-proof archiving of all activities by persons or groups involved.

oss-dac 100 % reality

the documentation of your data is always syncronous to reality

your benefits

for presence and future

  • optimisation of time-to-market by an automated workflow.
  • optimisation of human resources by directly adressing the personas and groups involved.
  • Real world and documentation are always congruent to 100%. All the processes are developed together with you by the help of a graphical editor using BPMN diagrams. The processes created are then directly employed by the system without the need of transferring the into source code. These flexible workflows can be freely edited, tested and approved lateron.
  • Individual customizing enables you to implement your own, specifical requirements.
  • migration from older systems by using a free to chose checking process.

on legal grounds

  • the application meets the minimum requirements of MaRisk AT8.
  • minimisation of risks when launching a product by using clear and simple queries and a presentation of the product's details.
  • customerspecific roll- and rightssystem.
  • Revisionskonform durch Historisierung aller Daten, Vorgänge und Dokumente, sowie der Workflowanpassungen.
  • traceabilty of the workflowversion on the time of product approval.

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